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Battlekitten's Font of Nothing
'Tis the Season. 
27th-Dec-2015 01:01 pm
B/A: amends
Happy belated Christmas to those celebrating, I hope you all had a good one.

We're in the limbo place now between the two holidays which always throws me off-centre. In my mind it's the Christmas holidays, in reality I work in retail and I'm lucky I even get Christmas eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day off. So you can imagine how excited I am THIS YEAR that I don't have to go back until the 31st! I feel like a kid again.

I'm hoping to get a regular fic posting schedule on the go in the new year. I have three WIPs that are getting bigger and bigger and yet due to my lackadaisical approach lately never see the light of day. I think all of the talk of Dickens over Christmas is inspiring me to at least attempt a weekly installment of something.

In the spirit of this I've just posted chapter 2 of 'Standing on the Edge, Dancing in the Flames' on ff.net. Now I'm off to walk Toffee and then it's dinner at the Mother-in-Law's. She's been strictly instructed not to cook anything turkey-related or roasted. So goodness knows what we'll be eating.
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