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Battlekitten's Font of Nothing
Proud Momma 
18th-Oct-2016 09:54 pm
puppet angel - so cute
Liam wrote his first fanfiction!

I have never been so proud. It was for a school project, he had to do something, seriously pretty much anything - the list of options was a whole side of A4 - connected to the Funny Bones universe. He wrote a news report about the skeletons antics - including a reward of £10 000 000 for anyone with any information on their whereabouts. And then... AND THEN, he asked if he was allowed to write his OWN story about the skeletons.

"Allowed?" I said "Get back on my laptop right this minute. I'll bring you a snack and mop your sweaty brow as you painstakingly search for and stab out each letter!"

He wrote 155 words in the end and we're both thrilled to bits with it. I just hope his teacher likes it too.
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