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Battlekitten's Font of Nothing
What the . . .? 
11th-Jan-2017 02:59 am
toby: drunk
Weird things just happened. I was writing away on the next HotSS episode, all going well, but I paused to go downstairs for a cigarette (yes I know they're bad for me, and I'm down to just a couple a day) and when I came back up I found this:

It took them over an hour to patrol Town Road because the houses were spaced far apart and at every gate the same argument arose. “Is it okay to just walk into this life. Or should I be more sensitive to my brother?"

It's the bit in speech marks that got me, because they really don't fit into the story! I know I'm tired, I'm always tired because I have a 15 week old baby! but that still feels way to pointed to be random. I just wish I knew what it was pointing at.
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