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Battlekitten's Font of Nothing
Not so shabby. 
13th-Jan-2017 10:48 am
kitten play piano
So first day went well and getting up wasn't a problem because I hardly slept all night anyway. I enjoyed it. It wasn't as tricky to pick up as I was expecting and I tell you it was a hell of a lot warmer in the store than out of it this morning!

I think my mum was watching over me too :) On my way in to work I heard the Prayer For The Day on Radio 4 and it was all about overcoming redundant fear and anxiety to live a happier, more successful life. The second sign was the robin hopping inquisitively about in the fizzy drink aisle. They were my mum's favourite bird and have always held a close association for me ever since she passed and seeing on in the store is definitely not a regular occurrence.

So if that was all down to you Mum; thanks, you helped :)
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