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Battlekitten's Font of Nothing
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25th-Nov-2015 12:06 pm - It never rains but it pours.
Janeway - ohshit
And the crappy luck isn't done yet. We realized this morning Ally's bike was stolen sometime yesterday while we were at the hospital. Whoever it was somehow just ripped the lock in half. My money's on The Hulk, but like a really evil Hulk that kind ride an average sized women's bicycle. So now we've lost an £80 bike and she has to walk all over town for work now.
24th-Nov-2015 10:32 pm - Well, what a week.
xander - hates life
Yesterday the car broke down, or at least failed to start when I needed to go into work. Thankfully this was fixed in a timely fashion - although not before I'd missed THREE buses, yeah not really even sure how I managed that myself when I live behind the bus stop, and ultimately had to tell work I wouldn't be making it.

Then last night the boy decided to wake up at 11pm coughing so hard he was making himself sick, and then there were other nasty bodily functions going on and a whole lot of wheezing to the point we were so freaked out we took him into the hospital. Which was where we stayed from 6am until just a little while ago. He's a lot better now, or else they weren't going to let him home at all, but he still has to take his asthma medicine every four hours so another restless night for him and us. This unexpected adventure also necessitated another day off of work.

And tomorrow, the icing on the cake. Toffee has to go into the vet's to have a suspicious and seriously gross growth removed from her FACE! The up-side is that the vet is pretty sure it will turn out to be a benign thing, the downside is it's going to cost two weeks wages to do the op and find out for sure. This wouldn't be such a problem if life would actually let me go to work instead of always getting in the way! Incidentally, the vet trip also means an unplanned day off of work now that the boy needs to stay wrapped up warm in the house and the wife needs to stay in and look after the boy because it would be illegal not to.

I'll be lucky if I even have a job left by the end of this week. And if my NaNo hadn't already been dead in the water from week two it would definitely be a bust by now.

That said, here's my word count as of the weekend.

21734 / 50000 words. 43% done!
20th-Nov-2015 03:23 am - NaNo update 10
dianna and lea

20033 / 50000 words. 40% done!
17th-Nov-2015 12:49 am - NaNo update 9
xander - hates life
I had a day off yesterday, but I was back on it today.

17262 / 50000 words. 35% done!
14th-Nov-2015 12:33 am - NaNo update 8
faith - prison yard

14650 / 50000 words. 29% done!

This feels very trivial in light of what is happening in Paris right now. My heart goes out to everyone there.
13th-Nov-2015 10:51 am - NaNo update 7
Man is here fitting us a new bath-panel, which is the perfect time to add some more words to the pot.

13125 / 50000 words. 26% done!

Next up is a Faith & Giles scene and those usually just write themselves so here's hoping for a waterfall of words in the next thirty minutes.
12th-Nov-2015 10:46 am - NaNo update 6
buffy - spy
11553 / 50000
giles - hat
This was written for the femslash_mini's Halloween round. Sorry, it's ridiculously late.

Title: "We Only Celebrate It For The Kids."
Pairing: Darla/VampWillow.
Rating: Pg-13.
Summary: Willow finds domestic bliss boring, so Darla throws her a dinner party for Halloween.

A/n: Written for brutti_ma_buoni in round 24. Prompts: '31st October is just another day, right?', 'Candles flickering' and 'Candy'. I hope this fills them okay for you (I may have overdone it a little on the candle flickering).

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10th-Nov-2015 11:29 pm - NaNo update 5
kitten play piano
10715 / 50000

Halloween fic WILL be posted tomorrow.
10th-Nov-2015 11:30 am - NaNo update 4.
will - red eye
There is no way I'm going to reach the target this year. Too many other things going on this month. I'll keep plodding on though, maybe I'll surprise myself and exceed the halfway point.

9997 / 50000

I do have a little more computer time than none today though, so hopefully I'll even get my Halloween fic tidied up and posted before bedtime *fingers crossed*
7th-Nov-2015 03:53 am - 3rd NaNo update
dawn - squee
8906 / 50000
5th-Nov-2015 03:36 am - Second NaNo word count
giles - hat
5574 / 50000
3rd-Nov-2015 03:13 am - First NaNoWriMo word count
dawn - eyesore
2332 / 50000
16th-Oct-2015 01:41 am - Drunk and stupid.
buffy - wtf
This is why I shouldn't try and edit fic when I'm drunk and sleepy.

“You know her parents are homosexuals, Quinnie,” her Mom put in, somewhat reproachfully.
“What, both of them?”

It never ends well, or helpfully. I should learn, but I don't. One time I actually opened a chapter of Damned to find seven or eight lines of Zzz's on the page. I prefer to believe that I was extra tired that night, and not that the chapter was just that boring.
b/f - dancing
Little thing written for the femslash_minis community.

Title: I Wanna Feel The Earth, I Wanna Break It In My Hands.
Pairing: Fred/Illyria
Rating: PG-13 (for hints at sex)
Word Count: 3700
Prompt for aliceinkinkland : AU in which Illyria infects someone other than Fred. Including a weapon, confusion over social customs and the Scientific Method.

A/n: The title is from a Dixie Chicks song (as all Fred fic should be), Cowboy Take Me Away. I'm really sorry this is late, I'd forgotten how much I suck at deadlines. Anyway, here it is and I hope you like it. Now I can finally read the other fic without guilt :) Thank you to electra126 for giving this a beta.

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31st-Aug-2015 10:49 pm - BtVS Fic: All Night Long (B/F)
b/f - bitchplease:
Title: All Night Long - chapter four.

Series: Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do.

Rating: R

Pairings: Buffy/Faith

Summary: Curses can pass from one generation to the next, even without biology involved.

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13th-Jul-2015 09:45 pm - BtVS Fic: All Night Long (B/F)
b/f - dancing
I'm back, with fic.

Title: All Night Long - chapter three.

Series: Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do.

Rating: R

Pairings: Buffy/Faith

Summary: Curses can pass from one generation to the next, even without biology involved.

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13th-Apr-2014 10:38 pm - Well ain't that a kick in the head
joey t - OMG
It's bad when you sit down to do the math and realize that its not a myth, you actually would be better off staying on benefits than working the minimum wage job you just got.

But on the flip-side, housing benefit doesn't get you a discount on your burger and fries.

See what I did there? Burgers, flip-side? :D

Oh leave me alone, I'm very tired.
25th-Feb-2014 06:24 pm - All about cake-bars
cordy - laughing
Overheard in my kitchen:

Liam: Mummy, please can I have a cake-bar?

Ally aka Mummy: No, you just had some sweets

Liam: But now I want a cake-bar.

Ally: I said no.

Liam: I won't give you any more cuddles and kisses.

Ally: Fine, be like that.

One minute pause

Liam: Mummy, I want to give you a cuddle and a kiss.

Ally: Oh, really?

Liam: Yes, I WANT to give you a cuddle and a kiss . . . so you have to give me a cake-bar.

Got to love this kid's spirit, he really doesn't believe in the word 'No' :) When all he got for his effort was a laugh, he settled for a bowl of strawberries, but then gave me lots of cuddles to try and make 'Mummy' jealous :)
18th-Feb-2014 05:33 pm - There's no place like home.
thirteen - sitting
Biggest problem with hospitals is all the waiting. You wait for everything. And then you wait some more.

Just told the procedure my F-i-L has been waiting for all day has been postponed, so now he has to wait another twenty-four hours.

It's just dragging it on longer for F-i-L, and it's getting him down, but he's looking better than he has so far so hopefully that's a good sign.

for me it means I get to go home. We were going to stick around until tomorrow afternoon so we could see him after the op, but now its been pushed back again we've decided to go early and come back at the weekend.

Can not wait to sleep in my own bed tonight with my own sheets and my own pillows and my own bathroom just down the hall!
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